Ageless Influence: How Seniors are Taking Over Social Media 


Meet an unexpected group that is challenging stereotypes and making waves on social media: the Granfluencers, or senior influencers. When we think of social media influencers, young, trendy individuals come to mind. But today, we’ll explore how seniors are leaving a significant mark on the social media landscape, proving that charisma, influence, and passion are ageless. 

What is an Influencer? 

An influencer is someone who, through credibility in a chosen area, can sway others toward certain trends, products, or ideas. They aren’t always celebrities but are ordinary individuals who genuinely connect with their audience. Age, as many seniors demonstrate, isn’t a factor in influencing prowess. They typically have large followings on social media and publish content about their niche with images, videos, or blogs, consistently.  

How To Become an Influencer 

In today’s digital age, becoming an influencer has become a viable side-gig or career option for many. But it’s not just about gaining followers or getting likes. Real influence is about establishing trust, engaging authentically, and building a community around a shared passion or interest. If you’re considering jumping into the world of influencing, here’s a step-by-step guide to carving your unique space in the digital world: 

1. Find Your Niche:

Begin by identifying a subject you’re passionate about and have a good understanding of. This ensures you’re genuine and consistent in your content. Whether it’s fashion, food, tech, or travel, let your true passion shine through. 

2. Pick Your Platforms:

Not all social media platforms will cater to your target audience. Research and choose platforms where your potential followers spend most of their time. It could be Instagram for visual content, YouTube for long-form videos, or TikTok for short, engaging clips. Or a combination of several different ones, depending on the content you wish to share with others.  

3. Content Strategy:

A well-thought-out content strategy is vital. Curate content that not only reflects your niche but also resonates with and engages your target audience. Planning ahead with a calendar can be incredibly beneficial. 

4. Set Up a Website:

Beyond social media, having a personal website gives you credibility. It’s a dedicated space to house your content, share your story, and offer a more in-depth look into who you are and what you represent. 

5. Stay Consistent:

Consistency is key. Regularly posting and engaging with your audience about your specific niche will not only retain your existing followers but also attract new ones. 

6. Craft Great Content:

Your content should be a blend of visually appealing, informative, and compelling. Invest time and perhaps even resources to ensure its quality and relevance. 

7. Engage:

Your followers are your community. Connect with them by actively responding to comments, hosting Q&A sessions, or joining relevant discussions. 

8. Networking:

Collaborating with fellow influencers can widen your reach. Additionally, partnering with brands aligned with your niche can boost your credibility and offer fresh content opportunities. 

9. Stay Updated:

The digital landscape is ever evolving. Stay abreast of new trends, algorithm changes, and shifts in platform popularity to ensure you remain relevant. 

10. Embrace Feedback:

Not all feedback will be praise, but constructive criticism can be invaluable. Use it as a tool to refine your approach and improve. 

11. Be Relatable:

Authenticity is key. Show your followers the real person behind the posts. Share your highs, lows, and personal stories. A genuine, down-to-earth attitude can make you more approachable and relatable. 

6 Senior Influencers We’re Loving 

1. Cooking with Lynja: Lynn Yamada Davis 

Lynn Yamada Davis gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic with her entertaining and informative cooking clips. A former MIT- and Columbia-educated civil engineer, the 74-year-old Lynn now shares her simple yet delightful recipes with over 17 million followers across TikTok and YouTube. 

2. The Older Gamer: Shirley Curry 

Shirley Curry, an 87-year-old gaming grandma, immerses herself in the world of video games, delighting 1.26 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Primarily playing ‘Skyrim’, her gameplay showcases her impeccable reflexes and humor. Alongside gaming, she also shares snippets of her everyday life, including heartwarming moments with her family. 

3. Grand Illusions: Tim Rowett 

Tim Rowett of ‘Grand Illusions’ boasts a fascinating collection of over 20,000 unique toys, a testament to his lifelong passion. Previously an entertainer for children’s parties, he now educates and entertains a broader audience on YouTube, showcasing rare toys and unraveling the magic tricks behind them. 

4. Grandma Droniak: Lillian Droniak 

Lillian Droniak, popularly known as Grandma Lill or Grandma Droniak, is a TikTok sensation with a whopping following of over 11 million. She created her comedic content with the help of her grandson, who helped her start her TikTok career.  

5. White Hair Wisdom: Lynn Shabinksy 

Lynn Shabinksy is a lifestyle influencer with 698,000 followers on Instagram. Lynn’s makes content about yoga, fashion, food, and daily inspiration for mindful living. Her make-up tutorials showcase beauty routines tailored for mature skin, emphasizing inclusivity for all ages. 

6. Cool Grandpa 

Known as the ‘Very Cool Grandpa’ on TikTok, this spirited elder captures the hearts of over 6 million virtual grandchildren with his humorous clips.  


While social media might seem tailored for the youth, these senior influencers showcase otherwise. They don’t just embody ageless passion, but they remind us of the timeless charm and insights that come with age. Here’s to the seniors who aren’t just participating but are leading the online world by example.

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