The Healing Power of Connecting With Your Inner Child

What is Inner Child Work? 

No matter how old you are, you will always fight the urge to be silly. Whether it be hopping in that puddle by your house, shooting the straw wrapper at your dinner companion, or making goofy faces at children you see in public, there seems to be a kid within all of us that comes out from time to time.

As we journey through life, we collect experiences and memories that shape who we are today. However, not all of these experiences are positive. Some memories can leave emotional wounds that continue to affect us as adults. These wounds often come from our childhood, where we were still forming our beliefs, self-image, and coping mechanisms.  

To heal these wounds and improve emotional well-being, many people have turned to working on their inner child. Inner child work is a therapeutic technique that encourages people to reconnect with the child within all of us and offer our inner child the love, care, and attention that may have been lacking during our early years.  

For seniors, healing our inner child can be a transformative and healing process, bringing new joy and happiness for many. And you can embark on this healing journey on your own, or with your family and grandchildren. 

In this blog post, we will delve into how inner child work can help you and provide ideas for activities to nurture your inner child.  

Benefits of Inner Child Work 

  1. Emotional Release 

By revisiting past experiences and feelings, you can release pent-up emotions such as grief, sadness, or anger, that have been suppressed for years. This can feel very relieving after holding onto those feelings for many years.  

  1. Enhanced Relationships 

By looking back on these memories, we can learn lessons and break family patterns that can improve our relationships with our adult children or grandchildren. This can lead to deeper connections and stronger family bonds.  

  1. Rediscovering Joy 

Connecting with the inner child helps reignite the innocence and sense of wonder we had as children. The world can be a dark place, and the simple pleasures of play and imagination can bring back that bright spark from youth.  

  1. Stress Reduction 

This kind of work can help with stress and anxiety and aid with emotional strength. It can help you approach life’s challenges with newfound strength, a positive outlook, and creativity.  

  1. Improved Mental Health 

Inner child work has been found to help break negative thought patterns and improve self-esteem, which can help a lot with your mental well-being. 

Ideas for Nurturing Your Inner Child 

Here are a few things you can do on your own or with your family / grandchildren to help heal your inner child: 

  1. Playful Outings: Go on outings to places like amusement parks, zoos, or playgrounds. Engage in activities you loved as a child, like flying kites, riding bikes, or playing board games. 
  1. Creative Expression: Embrace your creativity by engaging in arts and crafts. Draw, paint, or sculpt together. Tap into your imagination and express your feelings through art. 
  1. Storytelling: Share stories from your own childhood with your grandchild or adult children. This creates a beautiful bond between generations and offers a chance to heal any unresolved emotions tied to those memories. 
  1. Outdoor Adventures: Spend time in nature; take walks, have picnics, or stargaze. The peace of nature can facilitate inner reflection and emotional healing. 
  1. Play Pretend: Immerse yourself in the world of make-believe with your grandchild. Play dress-up, create imaginary scenarios, and let your inner child’s imagination run wild. 
  1. Dance and Music: Put on your favorite music from your youth and dance or sing or both! Music can evoke powerful emotions and memories, creating a strong bonding experience. 
  1. Learning Something New: Engage in a new hobby or skill together – something you have always wanted to learn. This can be things like cooking, gardening, or learning a musical instrument. This shared experience can create lasting memories while fostering personal growth. 


Healing your inner child as a senior can be a deeply transformative and liberating experience. By embarking on inner child work and reconnecting with the child within, you can find emotional healing, renewed joy, and stronger connections with your loved ones. Spending quality time with your grandchild provides the perfect opportunity to nurture your inner child, as you both engage in playful activities and explore the wonders of life together. Embrace this precious time and allow your inner child to heal, blossom, and find solace in the warm embrace of love and playfulness. 

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