16 Senior Friendly Travel Destinations

16 Senior Friendly Travel Destinations


As the years go by, many seniors find themselves with the desire to explore new places beyond their own borders. Fortunately, there are many travel destinations that cater to the unique needs and desires of older travelers. From historical landmarks to scenic beaches, charming towns to vibrant cities, there’s a destination for every senior seeking adventure. We’ll delve into the top 16 senior friendly travel destinations in the U.S. and abroad as well as share resources for planning the perfect vacation.

Our Senior-Friendly Destination Checklist

The fact of the matter is you have different preferences for your trips compared to younger travelers. You may lean towards activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation compared to a rigorous hike or experiencing the local nightlife. Some travelers have specific health concerns or limitations to be mindful of or have mobility issues. They may need to consider their assistive devices like walkers and wheelchairs, for example. Planning your next trip might take a little extra forethought just to make sure you feel safe and comfortable throughout.

So, we’ve created this checklist of common features to help us find senior-friendly travel locations, and also to help you determine if your next travel destination will be perfect for you.

Access to Amenities and Accommodations:

Senior-friendly destinations often have easy access to amenities such as restaurants, shops, and pharmacies so you never have to go without what you need. They also offer accommodations that are suitable for seniors, such as hotels with accessible rooms, comfortable bedding, and other resources that cater to their needs.

  • Senior-Friendly Activities: These destinations offer a variety of activities that cater to the interests and physical abilities of seniors. This can include cultural tours, nature walks, golfing, and spa services.
  • Accessibility: Senior-friendly destinations prioritize accessibility for seniors with limited mobility. This can include wheelchair ramps, accessible transportation, and facilities that are designed to accommodate seniors with mobility challenges.
  • Safety: This important feature of senior-friendly destinations includes having a low crime rate, well-maintained infrastructure, and a welcoming and supportive community.
  • Healthcare facilities: Senior-friendly destinations often have easy access to healthcare facilities or medical services, ensuring that seniors can receive care if needed.
  • Budget-friendly options: Many senior-friendly destinations offer budget-friendly options, including affordable accommodations, discounted attractions, and senior discounts on transportation and activities.

8 Senior-Friendly Travel Destination Within the U.S.

1. Charleston, South Carolina

Cooper River Bridge at night in Charleston, South Carolina

With its rich history, beautiful architecture, friendly local atmosphere, and vibrant food scene, Charleston stands out as an ideal destination. Its warm climate provides a welcoming escape from colder temperatures, allowing seniors to engage in numerous outdoor activities. However, the city also offers various historical tours and cultural events to accommodate those with mobility issues or those looking for more relaxing activities. The city’s generous tax exemptions for retirees add to its allure, making retirement funds stretch further.

2. Wilmington, North Carolina

Its vibrant atmosphere, combined with its affordability, makes Wilmington, North Carolina a great choice for seniors seeking cultural enrichment and coastal charm. Its quaint downtown area is a treasure trove of shops, restaurants, and historic museums. Surrounded by water, the city provides stunning views and opportunities for outdoor activities. North Carolina’s tax-friendly climate for retirees adds to the financial appeal of the area. Seniors can enjoy a variety of activities, from historic tours to scenic walks, that cater to their interests and mobility levels.

3. Plymouth, Massachusetts

For seniors intrigued by history, Plymouth, Massachusetts offers a captivating experience. The city’s deep connection to the Pilgrims and the Mayflower provides a wealth of historical attractions to explore. Seniors can visit the Pilgrim Hall Museum, stroll along the waterfront, and enjoy affordable attractions that offer insights into the past. Accessible amenities and multigenerational fun make Plymouth a versatile destination, suitable for solo travelers and those exploring with their families. Its historical richness, combined with budget-friendly options, creates an environment where seniors can immerse themselves in history while enjoying the beauty of local beaches.

4. Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg invites seniors to step back in time and experience the 18th-century life in Virginia. Its living history museum showcases restored buildings, re-enactments, and guided tours that offer a glimpse into the past. Seniors can explore historic sites, engage with traditional crafts, and delve into the stories of George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson. The affordability of Colonial Williamsburg, combined with senior-friendly activities and access to amenities, make it an attractive destination for history enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience.

5. San Diego, California

San Diego, California, beckons seniors with its warm weather, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions. Its beautiful beaches, parks, and gardens provide opportunities for sightseeing, while museums and galleries offer a dose of cultural enrichment. Seniors can enjoy tours, harbor cruises, and visits to popular attractions like Balboa Park and Little Italy. San Diego’s diverse offerings, coupled with its senior-friendly activities and access to amenities, create a well-rounded destination for senior travelers seeking sun, sea, and culture.

6. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, offers a serene escape for seniors who appreciate the beach and outdoor activities. The region’s beautiful beaches, bike trails, and nature preserves invite seniors to enjoy leisurely walks, hikes, and bird-watching. With affordable attractions, Cape Cod provides an inviting environment where seniors can savor the natural beauty of the area and create lasting memories.

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a favorite among seniors who have a penchant for history and culture. The city’s historic sites, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, offer a journey into the past. Guided tours, historic walks, and visits to museums cater to seniors’ interests, fostering a sense of connection to the nation’s heritage. Philadelphia’s affordability and rich history, combined with its senior-friendly activities and welcoming atmosphere, create an ideal destination for seniors seeking enrichment and exploration.

8. Santa Fe, New Mexico

For seniors with an affinity for art and culture, Santa Fe, New Mexico, provides a captivating destination. The city’s museums, galleries, and historic sites offer a blend of artistic experiences and historical insights. Seniors can explore art festivals, shop for unique crafts, and engage with Native American and Hispanic cultures. The area’s high, dry climate and natural hot springs offer relaxation and rejuvenation opportunities.

8 Senior Friendly Locations Outside of the U.S.

1. Thailand

Thailand, known as the “Land of Smiles,” is an alluring destination for seniors due to its natural beauty, rich culture, and hospitality. The country’s diverse attractions cater to various interests, making it an ideal spot for a rewarding and exciting getaway. Activities like guided tours, cultural temple visits, and city explorations in Bangkok and Chiang Mai are designed to accommodate older travelers, ensuring they can engage with local culture comfortably. Thailand’s amenities, including restaurants, shops, and medical facilities, are easily accessible, providing convenience and peace of mind. With senior-friendly tours led by knowledgeable guides, affordability, warm weather, and an array of cultural experiences, Thailand stands as an appealing choice for seniors seeking enriching travel adventures.

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, a world-renowned natural wonder, is highly accessible and caters to seniors with limited mobility. Its senior-friendly tours offer guided experiences that explore the falls’ history, while its thoughtful design includes ramps and elevators for those with mobility challenges. Not to mention activities such as leisurely boat rides and sightseeing tours are tailored to older travelers, making Niagara Falls an appealing and memorable destination for seniors seeking an inclusive and breathtaking experience.

3. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy, beckons seniors with its captivating landscapes and cultural treasures. Tailored senior-friendly tours delve into history and art, while a variety of activities, from wine tastings to hilltop town explorations, cater to diverse interests. Tuscany has a rich heritage and scenic beauty, with rolling hills and countless vineyards. All in all, Tuscany presents an enchanting destination for seniors seeking cultural immersion and relaxation.

4. Greece

Greece, a cradle of civilization, invites seniors to explore its history and culture amidst ancient ruins and delightful cuisine. However, keep the parkas in the closet – the weather is warm and mild all year round, making sure you are comfortable whenever you decide to visit. Convenient transportation options and guided tours facilitate seamless exploration of Greece’s rich heritage. Destinations like Crete offer a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation with its ancient ruins and pristine beaches. Easy access to amenities ensures worry-free travel, making Greece the perfect senior-friendly destination.

5. Australia

Australia, a land of vast landscapes and diverse adventures, lures seniors with its stunning natural beauty, vibrant cities, and captivating cultural experiences. This destination offers a blend of excitement and relaxation that resonates with the hearts of older travelers. Australia’s diverse natural wonders, from the iconic Great Barrier Reef to the striking landscapes of the Outback, provide a range of awe-inspiring experiences.

6. Spain

Spain’s known for good weather, friendly locals, fascinating culture, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking nature. It’s a country steeped in history and culture, with many sites to explore, delicious dishes to try, and friendly locals to meet. Spain’s pleasant climate, characterized by mild temperatures and abundant sunshine, makes it an ideal destination for seniors seeking comfortable weather throughout the year. Spain’s rich culture and history come alive through its museums, galleries, and landmarks. Seniors can savor the flavors of tapas, paella, and sangria, indulging in the country’s culinary heritage that’s as diverse as it is delicious.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand, a land of unparalleled natural beauty and captivating culture, encourages travelers to explore its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities. With its diverse attractions and senior-friendly amenities, New Zealand offers an unforgettable journey. New Zealand’s landscapes, from majestic mountains to pristine beaches, provide a range of outdoor adventures and sightseeing opportunities. Senior-friendly tours offer guided experiences that bring the country’s history, culture, and beauty to life. New Zealand boasts several destinations that cater to the interests of any traveler, making it a great trip for the entire family.

8. Ireland

Ireland, a land of ancient legends and timeless landscapes, calls on seniors to explore its historic castles. Embrace the charm of its cities and countryside. Ireland’s compact size and rich history make it an ideal destination for seniors seeking a leisurely exploration of culture and beauty. Lower travel times allow seniors to experience more of the country without feeling rushed. Ireland’s senior-friendly tours offer guided experiences that delve into the country’s history, legends, and local traditions. These tours are designed to be slower paced, allowing people to savor every moment. Additionally, Ireland’s focus on offering discounts and privileges to seniors, known as OAPs (old-age pensioners), enhances the overall travel experience. From free public transport for native OAPs to discounted rates at various attractions, seniors can explore the country affordably.

Travel Resources for Seniors

Here are some resources you can use to make sure your next adventure is senior-friendly to ensure you have an enjoyable and comfortable time.

  1. The Retirement Travel Index: AgingInPlace has compiled a list of frequently visited cities and countries and ranked each destination on its suitability for senior travelers, looking at public transport links, sightseeing opportunities, weather, and hotels.
  2. AARP: They provide a list of 45 senior travel discounts on hotels, resorts, car rentals, railways, airlines, and cruises. Discounts are available for seniors on American Airlines, Amtrak, Aloft Hotels, Ascend Collection, Auto Europe, and more
  3. Senior Travel Central: This is a website that helps you plan your next vacation. Plus, it provides information and guidance on the best senior travel deals, travel insurance, safety protocols, and senior handicapped travel.


Rest assured before you embark on your next adventure, there are plenty of senior-friendly travel destinations. Each one catering to the diverse interests and preferences of all older travelers. Each location offers unique attractions, senior-friendly activities, and convenient amenities that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey.  Whether indulging in historical exploration, soaking up natural beauty, or immersing in cultural experiences, these destinations provide a perfect backdrop for seniors to create cherished memories and embark on fulfilling journeys during their retirement years.

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